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I'm very sorry to hear your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences. I really appreciate Bruce took me to a lot of places when I visited LFS 4 years ago. May he rest in peace. Please extend my deepest sympathy to his family and all of people who loves him so dearly. Daisuke Yamamoto, Coworker, Hachioji Japan
On June 28, 2012 Bruce invited myself and two colleagues to eat dinner at his home with his wife Carol. This was the first of many "Miller Meals" where he cooked up Salmon, Steaks, and seasoned peppers. We shared funny stories about our family, our love for dogs, and a seasoning recipe that to this day still make me smile. Carol, Andrew and Megan ... please know that when Bruce wasn't talking work, he was talking about you. My condolences.
Working this closely with Bruce for so long, you can't help but become friends.
Bruce was a masterful chef and shared his secret Salmon recipe.